At McKay United Crane Hire, safety is a number one priority. Our staff are our most valued asset and we are committed to ensuring that their safety, physical and mental well-being are prioritised at all times.

We are committed to ensuring that our staff and equipment are at the highest possible standard by providing regular training, researching and implementing adaptable methods and processes to provide the most efficient and innovative solutions to our clients.

We value our ability to foresee problems and plan tasks effectively which allows us to execute jobs in a safe and timely manner. Prior to commencing work, we assess each job with the support of our in-house engineering team (including detailed CAD drawings to ensure well planned and executed jobs) and work through any potential hazards which may include site restrictions, power lines or limited crane setup areas. We then work through any issues with our clients to find the best possible solution to achieve maximum safety at all times.

McKay United Crane Hire values a high level of communication which assists our current methods of identifying and reporting risks in the workplace. We aim to identify and eliminate any instance in which injury or damage may be caused to a person, plant or equipment. Whilst we believe in providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, we recognise that injury, illness and near misses may still occur and therefore all incidents are reviewed with steps being taken to prevent future recurrence. The welfare, rights and strict confidentiality of the employee will be respected at all times.

All of our equipment is routinely tested to ensure that it operates with optimal safety and our employees undergo routine training to ensure that outstanding skills and knowledge of safety procedures are maintained. Management is committed to ensuring the provision of properly maintained equipment for its employees. All staff, alongside our in-house maintenance and mechanical service team, must agree that at all times they will co-operate to ensure that servicing and daily safety checks of machinery under their control are carried out in accordance with monthly service requirements, Crane-safe (annual) and manufactures specifications.

McKay United Crane Hire as heavy lift crane will employ only suitable qualified and competent operators, whose experience and competencies shall be properly checked prior to employment, ultimately keeping safety at the forefront of everything we do.

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